Birthday Invitations

Proper Etiquette for Birthday Invitations

If you are planning a birthday party for someone, you should be aware of what is and is not acceptable etiquette when it comes to birthday invitations. In reality, there are many types of birthday parties and different ages for those who are the honorees. Proper etiquette for birthday invitations may vary somewhat depending on the type of party and age of the person who is the guest of honor. But, it is never a bad idea to err on the side of caution when dealing with etiquette so as not to offend anyone. Therefore, knowing what birthday invitations should look like and how they should be sent is important and you can decide from there how stringent you want to be in following the guidelines.

We have all had a phone call from a close friend who says they will be celebrating their birthday on a particular day and to drop by. In extremely informal situations such as that, birthday invitations, while nice, are probably not necessary. In those cases, birthday invitations can be a phone call or email in a very casual tone. The same holds true for small birthday parties celebrated just among family members. Because the party itself is so informal, so too can the birthday invitations be. However, those cases are about the only time when such informality os acceptable. All other times some etiquette should be adhered to in order to make it convenient for the guests.

First, once a party date has been decided, make sure you leave plenty of time in order for birthday invitations to be mailed out. One month before the party and no later than two weeks before the party, the birthday invitations should be sent out in whatever manner you choose to send them. This allows guests enough time to clear their schedule and make arrangements to be there. It also gives them ample opportunity to purchase an appropriate birthday gift for the guest of honor.

There are two ways to send birthday invitations nowadays. One is to send birthday invitations via post and the other is to send the birthday invitations through email. The more traditional route is to send birthday invitations via post. This is also the most accepted way to conform to standards of etiquette. Sending birthday invitations by post should be done for most children's birthdays where there is a theme and activities as well as most formal adult birthdays especially milestones such as a fortieth birthday.

When sending birthday invitations by post, make sure the addressee is clearly written on the front of the envelope in blue or black ink. Also, make sure there is a return address neatly printed on the top left of the envelope or on the back flap of the envelope. Whenever sending birthday invitations or any other type of personal written correspondence it considered proper to use a physical stamp. You can get stamps for birthday invitations at the post office in various themes and colors. It is not acceptable to bring your bulk birthday invitations to the post office to be metered and mailed.

In today's computer age, many people are using the Internet as a means of sending out birthday invitations. This is not traditional or formal so you will want to steer clear of this option if you are planning a more formal party. However, if you are having a casual party for friends this method of sending birthday invitations is becoming more acceptable. When sending birthday invitations via email, you can use a card service, invitation service or you can make your own virtual card and mail it from your home email client.

If you choose an E-card service, pick out the birthday invitations you want and create your list of guests to invite. Make sure you follow the rules for mailing birthday invitations and have enough time to send them. If you use an E-vite service, you can add in all the details of the party and send to your distribution list as appropriate. When guests get the birthday invitations in their in box, they can click on a link to accept, decline or whether or not they are uncertain. This is very handy and you can easily keep track of RSVP's that way. Finally, you can create your own virtual card using a word processing system and email the finished product from your home email client.